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JMW Seminars PROUDLY arms employers and their supervisors with a full arsenal of tools particularly aimed at limiting business and personal liability concerning numerous aspects of Employment Law.  We facilitate engaging legal learning in comprehensive, entertaining, humorous, fun and interactive seminars sure to capture the attention of even the greatest "nay-sayer"!





$1,500 Flat Rate Per Session!

1-1,000,000 Supervisors,

Same Low Price!!!



*California employers with fifty (50) or more employees or contractors are required to provide their supervisors with at least two (2) hours of interactive sexual harassment prevention training and education every 2 years!  Newly hired or promoted supervisors must receive training within 6 months of assuming supervisory responsibilities and every 2 years thereafter!  (CA Govt. Code Sec. 12950.1). 


So that we don't interrupt the flow of business, our trainings are offered only after business hours and on weekends, at the employer's site. 

For almost twenty years, Jacquiline M. Wagner has enjoyed the pleasure of training hundreds of employers and supervisors in a multitude of industries concerning all aspects of Employment Law, including sexual harassment prevention, I-9 and No-Match Letter protocols, alternative work schedules, reasonable accommodations and a wide array of MCLE topics.  She is an Assistant General Counsel with the Los Angeles Unified School District**, where she defends against frivolous employment claims and is a valued Employment Law trainer.


We look very forward to working with you!


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**LAUSD does not sponsor, endorse or assume liability for JMW Seminars. No public funds, materials, resources, supplies or equipment are used for or by JMW Seminars.

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Jacquiline M. Wagner, ESQ.